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So your young person wants to learn how to play the drums?! I have compiled a list of what I think would make a good youth drum set for ages 8 and above.

These drum sets are:

* For ages 8+

* Great For Beginner drummers

For younger kids, depending on height:
The Seat, The Tom Toms, The Snare drum, The drum cymbal Stands etc.
That way it will FIT them!

youth drum set Pearl

A Pearl Forum drum set is a beginner drummers dream many times!It is absolutely dependable and sounds good.

It also has Strong hardware. Later on you can just change out the Drum Cymbals.

youth drum set 1

This is a PDP Z5. I checked this one out at a local music store here on the island. It is good for a beginner. It's a nice start out for anyone who wants to learn. It will do the job nicely!

youth drum set 3

This is a Ludwig Pinnacal and a Ludwig drum set is trustworthy. The hardware on this might need changing over time but it would be good for a starter set. This would make a great Christmas present as well!

youth drum set 4

This is a Fender Starcaster. It's good for a beginner drummer as well. The hardware will definitely need to be changed out in the future though, but it is a great start up set to see if your child or whoever is willing to continue to pursue learning how to play the drums.

youth drum set 5 sonor

This is a Sonor Force 507. The hardware on this set is MORE UPGRADED then the Ludwig Pinnacle and the Fender Starcaster.

Sonor is played by a Famous Drummer named Thomas Lang.

If you have a younger child between the Ages of 3-6 there are some great kids drum sets out there as well.

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